Youth Mark-1 Training Gloves - MK1
Youth Mark-1 Training Gloves - MK1
Youth Mark-1 Training Gloves - MK1
Youth Mark-1 Training Gloves - MK1
Youth Mark-1 Training Gloves - MK1

Youth Mark-1 Training Gloves

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The Youth Mark 1 Training Glove is a robust, ultra-durable training glove tailored for children in their boxing journey. Its five-layered construction guarantees a perfect blend of quality and utility, providing the utmost comfort, durability, and protection for your punching hands. Its Velcro closure is fitted with a broad strap, which affords users maximum control, a snug fit, and optimal support for their wrists.

Inside, its moisture-wicking fabric offers super-soft comfort. All components of this glove adhere to the highest safety and quality standards in boxing.
Engineered leather is employed to make this glove, with the perks of it being thick, soft, and odor resistant. Additionally, its 5-layer foam system offers the top-tier protection necessary for extended workouts, and it has been crafted with versatility and safety in mind. 
Standard Size 6oz and Recommended for children age eight or younger. 
Ultra-Durable &

Easily Adjustable

Fasten the strap to your preference and effortlessly remove and wear your gloves with ease.

Detailed image of strap closure for MK1's Black Mark 1 Boxing Training Gloves.
Comfortable &


Enjoy comfortable training sessions maintaining a natural thumb position & remain cool thanks to palm ventilation.


Details Matter.

Materials, Padding, Inks, and Stitching. Train with a glove manufactured with zero shortcuts.

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Collection of MK1's Mark-1 Training Gloves Assorted by color in red, blue, white, black, and green.

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Youth Boxing Gloves vs. Adult Boxing Gloves: What's the Difference?

The right boxing gloves and equipment is essential for both safety and optimal performance. One critical piece of equipment is boxing gloves. However, a common question is, "What's the difference between youth boxing gloves and adult boxing gloves?" We will delve into the nuances of these gloves, exploring their design, features, and suitability for young athletes. As boxing experts that score a high rating on much of our catalog, we will highlight the critical distinctions between adult boxing gloves and kids' gloves to help you make an informed choice.

Understanding the Size and Fit of Junior Gloves:

Youth boxing gloves also referred to as youth gloves or kids’ gloves, are specifically designed to cater to the needs of young boxers, typically aged between 6 and 10 years. These gloves are crafted with smaller hand dimensions, providing a snug and secure fit for young athletes. In contrast, adult boxing gloves are designed for individuals aged 10 years and above, accommodating larger hand sizes and wider knuckle dimensions. It is crucial to choose the right size and fit for the utmost comfort and protection during training or bouts. We recommend 12-ounce boxing gloves for teenagers, or kids who have larger frames.

Safety and Padding:

When it comes to safety, both youth and adult boxing gloves prioritize cushioning and impact absorption. However, kids' boxing gloves tend to feature a smaller profile which can ensure a better experience in the ring. for the hands and knuckles of young boxers. This difference and the general overlay padding help protect young kids hands and wrists, which are still developing and more susceptible to injuries due to their lack of boxing experience. Adult boxing gloves, on the other hand, tend to feature larger hand compartments. The larger compartment allows an easier fit for most adults, giving them the safety and protection needed for rounds of work sparring, drilling on mitts, or working on the punching bags. 

Materials and Durability:

In terms of materials, MK1 makes no concession when it comes to youth and adult boxing gloves. Typically made from high-quality synthetic leather or genuine leather, same as boxing mitts, or punching bags could be. These materials offer durability and long-lasting performance. Due to the potential growth spurts of young athletes, youth gloves may be suitable for the boxer, and it’s imperative that a comfortable-fitting boxing glove is your experience during training. The durability of youth gloves is important for training, as they allow for utility until an upgrade to adult boxing gloves is required. 

Kids Boxing Gloves Design and Style:

Often featuring vibrant colors and visually appealing designs to cater to the preferences of young athletes. The color pallete on our gloves offer five to sort from. These gloves may also have fun patterns or graphics that resonate with kids and help cultivate their interest in boxing. Adult boxing gloves, on the other hand, generally feature a more classic and professional design, focusing on functionality and a simple aesthetic such as our Select Collection. 

Suitability for Training and Competition:

Childrens' boxing gloves are primarily designed for training purposes and light sparring sessions. Their emphasis on protection and safety makes them ideal for young boxers still developing their skills and technique. On the other hand, adult boxing gloves are suitable for intense training sessions, sparring, and professional competitions. Their design allows for greater precision and power while maintaining the necessary protection for experienced boxers.

Are Kids’ Gloves Right For Me?

Choosing between kids boxing gloves and adult boxing gloves depends on the age, size, and skill level of the athlete. Childrens' gloves offer protection and support for young boxers, ensuring their safety during training sessions. Adult gloves are designed for more advanced boxers, balance protection, performance, and design. By understanding the critical differences outlined here, you can sort your way to an informed decision when selecting the right boxing gloves for your young athlete's needs. Remember, safety should always be the top priority, regardless of age group or skill level. We recommend anyone 10 and younger use childrens gloves as a rule of thumb, but of course, this is a matter of preference. Add to your cart with confidence that you are buying from a company that scores a high rating on all boxing equipment, and a unique color combination of gear. MK1 offers complimentary exchanges in the event you change your mind, and can be ready to step in the ring with confidence.