Order Custom Boxing Equipment

Updated 12/11/23

Order handmade boxing equipment customized your very own specifications with MK1.

Email customs@mk1boxing.com to submit your order request.

What Customizable Boxing Equipment Does MK1 Offer?


  •  Custom Embroidery - $12 (each item)
  •  Split Glove Embroidery - $20 (Two phrases, unique to each hand)
  •  Custom Logos - $25 (Must send source design file via email)


**Complimentary USA shipping, let our service team know about foreign shipments. Foreign shipments will be subject to additional shipping cost.


How do I order custom MK1 boxing equipment?

Emailing customs@mk1boxing.com is the only way to secure your custom order. Use this template to help you format your request. 


Full Name:

Full Shipping Address:

Items Requested:

(Include colors, sizes, and item name)

For custom logos, submit your logo file as an attachment on your email. 

For custom embroidery or prints, submit the phrase you'd like on your equipment in parenthesis - "Custom Phase"


How does the custom order process work?

1. You email the MK1 team.

2. The MK1 team responds with...

  • A mockup if your request is clear.
  • Questions if we need more information to make you a mockup.
  • Responses to your questions to help you gain insight into our product or process.

3. In a collaborative effort with you, the goal is for our team to...

  • Complete a mockup to your specifications.
  • Make revisions as needed to your mockup to complete the vision of the custom gear you'd like to order. 

4. After working with our team and achieving a mockup you're excited for, our team will issue an invoice securely via Stripe directly to your email. 

5. Once your invoice is out, you will be able to proceed with your payment. After your payment is successful, our team appropriately puts your custom order into the batch for production. 


How long do custom orders take?

The target timelines is approximately 12 weeks; we do not guarantee any service levels related to timeline, our guarantee is quality. Shop here if you would like a ready-made item. 

Gone are the days of dropping random orders in our manufacturing queues, it's counterproductive to efficiencies in production and specialization.

MK1 customs batches are submitted to production once a month with the order cutoff being the first day of the following month. 

Example: It's mid March and you'd like to place a custom order. You'll have ~2 weeks to email our service team, receive/approve your mock-up, and submit your invoice payment. If your mockup isn't approved, or you fail to make payment by the customs cutoff, your order wait ~30 days for the opportunity to be submitted with the next batch. 

How can I track my custom order?

MK1 does promise personal orders updates. After your custom order is submitted, you'll be entered into the months batch, each batch has a code, the batch code status can be checked in the table below. 

 Custom Batch Code Batch Status
MK-S23 Closed
MK-O23 Closed
MK-N23 Closed
MK-D23 Accepting Orders



Batch Status    Definition
 Accepting Orders  The custom batch is open and accepting orders. Email our team to secure your order. 
Closed The custom batch has been closed, you may email and gain entry into to the next batch. Email customs@mk1boxing.com for an order status update. 



Trusted by the Professional Boxers & MMA fighters worldwide. 

 Professional Fighter Nainoa Dung featured here with a custom sparring set fit with personalized logos. Pro boxer Cem Kilic & World Champion Coach Brian Viloria featured doing mitt work during a media day!

Custom Boxing Glove and Sparring Equipment made by MK1

​ ​

Why Custom Gloves are Increasingly Popular

Unleashing Your Best Performance with Custom Boxing Gloves

Utilizing appropriate gear is crucial for boxers. It not only It is essential that the gloves not only shield their hands but also decrease the force of their strikes on their hands. While conventional boxing gloves are readily available, more and more boxers are opting for tailored gloves to achieve a unique appearance and feel. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, transitioning to customized boxing gloves can be the upgrade you've been in line for. Fortunately, with MK1, the process is hassle-free and straightforward.

Style and Personalization

Boxers can express their unique style and enjoy functional advantages with custom boxing gloves. A wide variety of styles are available, including different colors, logos, and personalized text. Your personalized boxing gloves can showcase your personal brand, endorse sponsors, or simply offer an aesthetic that's not available off the shelf.

Finding the Best Gloves for Your Needs

Custom boxing gloves are not only about the style; they also provide a tailored fit that is critical for enhancing performance. Professional boxers often seek custom boxing gloves to give the best possible performance in the ring. Training in the right gloves also reduces the risk of injury during a match. As an experienced fighter, you will know things like 16 oz is your preferred size for sparring, and a 12 oz lace-up is your preference for focus mitt work or your rounds on the punching bag.

Lace-up boxing gloves are among the most popular custom boxing gloves as they offer a snug fit and adjustability to the wrist area. Strapped gloves are also a popular choice and can be customized, ensuring that your gloves are made to your preference. With custom gloves, you can get your very own blend of best fit, protection, and style during your boxing sessions.

Details that Matter

When it comes to customizing boxing gloves, paying attention to the small details can make a big difference. With MK1, you can personalize your gloves by choosing the leather color, thread color, font style, logo placement, and embroidery. These are just a few examples of how MK1 can create customized boxing gloves that are uniquely yours.

MK1: Your Provider of High-Quality Custom Boxing Gloves

Looking for the ideal boxing gloves to enhance your performance, whether you're a beginner or a pro? Look no further than our customized gloves. Tailored for the perfect fit and personalized to your preferences, they offer all the advantages you need to excel in the ring. Contact MK1 now to design your bespoke gloves. Email sales@mk1boxing.com to get started.

Ordering Personalized Equipment Is A Careful Process

Selecting the appropriate equipment is of utmost importance in boxing. The gloves you choose should not only be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable but also offer adequate protection and performance during your training and sparring.

Personalized boxing gloves offer more than just a stylish appearance.With MK1, you can experience superior quality and craftsmanship. Each pair of custom gloves is meticulously crafted by hand, catering to your unique requirements such as glove colors, sizes, embroidery, and even custom logos. The end result is a snug fitting glove that feels natural, provides excellent hand protection and wrist support, and looks the way you envisoned.

Ordering Customs Can Be Intimidating

There are some drawbacks to ordering custom gloves. For example, the production time is longer since each pair is made to order. Additionally, miscommunication and mistakes can occur during the customization process, the MK1 team works very diligently to minimize errors. Finally, because the gloves are made by artisans worldwide, communication across language barriers can be difficult.

We're On Your Team

Despite these challenges, many athletes swear by customized MK1 boxing equipment as their favorite investment in their combat sports journey. With MK1, you can avoid thhe pitfalls of subpar equipment and receive a personalized product that reflects your unique style and performance needs. Here are some successful testimonials from athletes who have worked with mk1:

"I knew I had made the right choice when I put on my custom gloves from MK1. The fit was perfect, and the quality was on-point" - Adan G.

"As a professional boxer, I require reliable equipment. My custom sparring set from MK1 came out great; I recommend them to all my boxing friends." - Leo S.

"Working with mk1 changed my view on ordering custom gloves. They took their time to understand my requests and preferences, and the final product came out just as I expected. The original items didn't pass their inspection, so I had to wait another 6 weeks from what was quoted, but the team assured me the new version would be corrected. I'm looking to order more customs soon. Thanks!" - Harrison G.

Investing in your very own personalized boxing equipment from MK1 is a sound decision for anyone who wants to look and feel their best in the ring. Contact us for a complimentary mock-up.