About MK1

Boxing Refined : Combat Sports Disruptor.

We are honored to provide the best boxing and mixed martial arts equipment made to exceed the requirements of the best. Our gear is favored by industry experts and thoughtfully crafted to enable you to achieve your full potential.

Serious Sports, Serious Gear, Serious Consequences.

We comprehend that combat sports are not a game. We support athletes who share our admiration and appreciation for the craft, no matter if they are amateur or professional, a coach or a fighter, an exercise enthusiast, or an occasional competitor. We supply first-class, superior combat equipment and accessories for those who recognize the necessity of having the highest quality equipment to back up their workouts. We spend time in the gym training with experienced fighters, mentors, and top-level athletes to review our product performance, offering you a trust you can’t find anywhere else. “You can’t play boxing”.

Subverting the Norm.

No other boxing or combat equipment label is similar to MK1.

Throughout the industry, contenders have to confront shoddy, uninspiring, and unconcerned brands that are ready to earn money swiftly by placing a famous endorsement on items they’ve never tried – and that is why our merchandise stands out. We are aware of the requirements of our customers as we are passionate about and deeply embedded in the culture and community we embody. We make products that surpass expectations, yielding trustworthy, resilient, and high-performing equipment. Focus on your boxing, not that uncomfortable-fitting glove you bought at a department store.

Fighting Equipment for Those Who Love the Grind.

For those who persevere, we have created equipment that can cope with the most strenuous workouts. Our items are constructed to bear up to vigorous movements and to offer aid where it is required the most. We supply a vast selection of equipment, such as gloves, wraps, head guards, and heavy bags to assist you in increasing your exercise.

Who We Are.

Created in 2019, we are a team of devoted experts with a love for combat sports and an oath to produce the greatest possible boxing equipment for our customers. Our squad encompasses practiced fighters, specialist mentors, and industry authorities who always try to push the borders of creativity and technology to build the finest boxing gear. From our headquarters in Los Angeles, California, we have worked indefatigably with expert fighters and mentors, receiving feedback and making improvements to our products to generate the top quality items and a reasonable, fair price.

What We Do.

We make and distribute first-rate combat and boxing equipment that is tested, polished, and improved for reliability. We are not just manufacturing great boxing items: We are revolutionizing the way contenders practice forever. We are dedicated to guaranteeing that our clients focus on the real art of boxing and combat sports, helping them focus on their exercise and boxing skills rather than stressing about the frustration of low-grade equipment. We examine each order before shipping, and our clients can be sure they will get the quality they ordered.

Quality is critical when it comes to combat sports. Our loyalty to making comfortable, protective, and advanced gear puts us among the leading boxing labels in the industry. We don't spare any costs when designing a product, pricing is equal to quality & performance, and we remain on that.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to design high-grade, comfortable, and protective combat and boxing items that assist our customers in concentrating on what is most significant; their workouts and enhancement of their skills. We are committed to consistent progress and innovation to give our customers the greatest items.

Our Vision.

We imagine a world where anyone can access first-class boxing and combat equipment that enhances their workout and all-around performance. To become the top brand for anyone engaged in combat sports, from beginner to professional, coach to fighter. Our eventual ambition is to motivate and inspire our clients to become the finest contenders and athletes they can be through hard work, persistence, and commitment.