Green, Orange, and Blue MK1 Mouth Guards
Green MK1 Mouth Guard Inside Case
Orange MK1 Mouth Guard Inside Case
Blue MK1 Mouth Guard Inside Case
Green MK1 Mouth Guard with Case
Orange MK1 Mouth Guard with Case
Blue MK1 Mouth Guard with Case
Green MK1 Boxing Mouth Guard
Orange MK1 Boxing Mouth Guard

High Visibility Boxing Mouth Guard

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Attention boxers! say goodbye to weak punches and mouth injuries! Introducing our newest protective mouth guard, available in vibrant colors to be easily visible inside the boxing ring. 
Our mouth guard provides good protection for your teeth and gums while being malleable enough to form to your mouth. With its eye-catching shades, you won't have to worry about losing your mouthguard in the heat of the moment or compromising your visibility of it during intense rounds.
It comes with a convenient case and is designed with top-quality materials, ensuring it will remain comfortable even during prolonged use. Say goodbye to fiddly, ill-fitting guards that impede your performance.
Protected from Germs &

Highly Visible

Easily find your mouth guard in any environment, inside or outside of it's anti-microbial case.

Green, Orange, and Blue MK1 Mouth Guards
Orange MK1 Boxing Mouth Guard
Quickly Boil for your

Perfect Fit

Enjoy comfortable training sessions maintaining natural breathing & a comfortable contour to your teeth.

High-Quality &


Confidently compete at your best knowing MK1 leveraged only the most optimal blend of materials for the job.

Blue MK1 Mouth Guard with Case

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Worst mouth guard ever

Dan Nager (Roselle, US)
Sturdy Gum Shield

Protective, comfortable, and easy boil and bite set up.

Dionisius Noerjadi (Roselle, US)

It's a basic boil and bite mouthguard with an eccentric color. It's comfortable, although it took me two tries to get it just right in my mouth. It also comes with a compartment case.

Tyrell Burns (Wichita, US)
MK1 Gum Shield for the WIN!!!

I first bought the green Gumshield, and I instantly knew that it was going to hold up. I have had it for about 2 years and it still is my daily training mouthpiece and wear it while I am fighting. IT'S JUST THAT GOOD! It has the quick molding of a boil-to-fit mouthpiece, yet has a
tight molded feel that you would only get from a custom mouthpiece. I just recently got a new one and the only reason is so I would have another color!

Collection of MK1's Mark-1 Training Gloves Assorted by color in red, blue, white, black, and green.

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Boxing Mouth Guard: The Ultimate Protection for Your Teeth

In combat sports like boxing, protecting your teeth is just as important as defending any other part of the body. A mouthguard designed explicitly for this purpose can make a massive difference in terms of safety and performance. The key to choosing the right one lies in researching different brands available so that you get maximum protection when stepping into the ring, gloves on and heart pounding!

Short Summary

  • Choose the right mouthguard for boxing to balance protection, comfort, and durability.
  • High quality mouthguards offer superior protection, fit, and personalization options.
  • Proper care and cleaning of your boxing mouthguard ensures its longevity.

      Choosing the Right Mouthguard for Boxing

      When it comes to boxing, a mouthguard is more than just protective gear; it’s something that shields your teeth from potentially devastating blows. It acts as a buffer against these strikes and thus safeguards the teeth with the best protection availble to the human mouth.
      Mouthguards are designed differently depending on what you prioritize most – be it utmost safety or comfortability when wearing them for extended periods of time during matches. With all this in mind, choosing the right one must take into account features such as durability and fit while providing reliable security at the same time, those who trust their mouthguard will stay safe inside the ring regardless of how much punishment they may face each round, because it's the last thing that should be in mind when boxing and sparring.

      Protection Levels

      When it comes to mouthguard protection, lower end models offer the least amount of defense and may only be suitable for recreational activities. Boil-and-bite guards give great safety but aren't designed to be providing as much security as custom ones. Custom-made mouthguards are created and designed specifically around each person’s teeth and gums, enabling them great protection when enduring heavy blows that could result in serious injuries during contact sports or boxing events.

      Comfort and Fit

      Protection is the key element when it comes to mouthguards. Not only does its fit have an effect on your protection, but can also be distracting if not right for you in a fight or game situation. When picking one out, size and shape should factor into making sure you are comfortable and protected from potential hazards of contact sport combat. The material used in constructing these guards needs to enable comfort while being strong enough against tears and easy for cleaning after use - all vital details that make up this type of equipment’s success rate during match-play situations! MK1's premium boxing catalog offers comfort and reliability as a hallmark of the brand.

      Materials and Durability

      Mouthguards, specifically designed for boxing, are constructed from hard plastic material heated to make it more pliable before being allowed to cool. Natural rubber, as well as silicone and polyvinyl chloride, can also be used in making these products of protection, with the hardness of the substance having a direct influence on its durability and safety levels. More complex materials, such as plastic or silicone, tend to last longer. In contrast, softer ones like organic rubber and certain polyurethanes may have less resistance but bring higher comfortability into play when choosing what kind of materials fits you best. It depends on one’s wants or needs at that given period. This is an area where there must always be consideration taken for both aspects involved- quality plus the level of convenience achieved throughout weariness if desired by user preference.

      Custom Mouthguards: The Perfect Fit for Combat Sports

      Custom mouthguards are an excellent choice when it comes to protecting your teeth. They differ from off-the-shelf mouth guards in that they are created with a mold of the wearer’s teeth, providing an ideal fit and comfort even during strenuous activities. Customizing options such as color or personalization through engraving offer more uniqueness than standard models can provide, but come at a massive premium.

      The Customization Process

      Creating a reliable and comfortable mouthguard starts with an accurate impression of your teeth. This is then used to make a mold, which will be made specifically for that person’s mouth using the vacuum-forming method. The result of this process results in something designed specifically to fit each individual’s unique dental structure providing superb protection against sports injuries as well as bruxism (teeth grinding). It has become increasingly popular due to its snugness and comfort – not forgetting good levels of safety! Style and Personalization Custom mouthguards not only provide comfort but also an opportunity to express your personality. You can find many colors, logos, names, and numbers when designing the perfect fit for your sport or clenching/grinding activity. With these varieties in customizing protective gear, some fighters may have fun choosing the details that best suit them. Like having “boxing” written on one’s fight guard! Besides being able to customize according to your preference, such unique personal touches might also bring a smile during fights.

      Price and Value

      A custom-made mouthguard provides optimal comfort and safety at a cost. Prices range from $300 to $1000, depending on the materials used by the dental specialist providing you with this service. Yet, it is an invaluable investment in your well-being each time you engage in sports or physical activities. Not only do these guards offer excellent protection, but they are also engineered for durability and lasting performance, giving one peace of mind.

      Caring for Your Boxing Mouthguard

      When it comes to looking after your mouthguard, similar rules apply to any piece of sports gear. Cleaning and storage are paramount in preserving the quality and extending its lifespan.
      You must clean your guard routinely; brushing with toothpaste regularly should do the trick! Besides this, ensure proper storage when not using it. Otherwise, bacteria can build up around or inside your shield, diminishing its effectiveness. By taking simple steps like these regularly, you can get great use out of your mouthguard for years to come.

      Cleaning and Storage

      Caring for your mouthguard is an easy but necessary part of the process. After every use, rinse it in cool water and lightly brush it with some soap and a toothbrush if desired. Or, to make sure it’s perfectly clean, you could put denture/mouth guard cleaner on it before leaving it overnight in a baking soda solution.
      It is also important that when not being used, the mouthguard should be placed away from heat and light sources into its protective case; this will stop dirt buildup between uses so that all matches are covered by optimal protection!

      Replacement and Lifespan

      Mouthguards play an essential role in protecting your teeth for combat sports, but like any other equipment, they must be replaced regularly to ensure proper protection. If signs of wear start showing up or if the fit has changed noticeably, it is a good idea to get a new mouthguard every season at least – and possibly more often, depending on how frequently you use one.
      A worn-out mouthguard won’t provide enough protection for your teeth which could lead to potential risks so don’t forget about regular replacement for maximum safety! You can add a High Visibility Mouth Guard from MK1 right from this page!

      Testimonials from Professional Boxers and Athletes

      Boxers and athletes rely on high-quality mouthguards to give them an edge in their chosen sports. They know that the right guard can make all the difference, offering protection and confidence during competition. Mouthpieces like Shock Doctor Gel Max or Champs Breathable, are especially popular for martial arts such as jiu-jitsu among combat sport fanatics worldwide. MK1 has you handled when it comes to boxing.
      Not only do they keep mouths safe, but they also ensure your top performance without your safety being a distraction. It’s no wonder so many swear by these brands!

      Why Buy A Mouthguard for Boxing?

      It is essential to select the right mouthguard - one that offers a balance between protection, comfort, and durability. Invest in either an adjustable boil-and-bite or a custom-fit option for your own personal needs and lifestyle. This way, you are sure to wear it as intended. Be mindful when selecting so that you can properly look after your mouthguard – investing time into finding the perfect choice now will surely pay off later for you and your teeth.