AER Mitts - MK1
AER Mitts - MK1
AER Mitts - MK1

AER Mitts

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Introducing the Aer Boxing Mitts – Top-of-the-line air mitts handcrafted using our signature leather. Featuring a round shape and air pocket within, this air mitt is designed to absorb heavy impact from punches while providing support to joints and muscles during use. The Aer Boxing Mitts are lightweight, highly comfortable on the hands, and feature closed fingers to avoid jamming as a boxing coach. 

Protective & Forgiving - Hold mitts with the comfort of knowing your shoulders won't take the brunt of the strikes thrown. 
Extremely Comfortable - Manuever your air mitts easily during boxing sessions, and get the most out of your rounds without pain or discomfort. 
Ultra Light - Maximize your training utility with minimal fatigue; focus on your boxing instruction, not how tired your arms are getting. 
Product Specifications:
The pad measures 9 inches from top to bottom, 7 inches in width, and 4 inches in thickness. The exterior of this product is made of genuine leather and contains a stack of 1 inch of PU foam and 1 inch of EVA foam. The strap is approximately 1.5 inches wide and secures/adds stability to your wrist. One mitt weights approximately 11 ounces. 
(Mini) - 7.5in L, 6in W, ~4 Padding
Size chart

Fitment recommendations for optimal training conditions. (Unisex)

Boxing Training Glove Size Recommendation by Weight:

< 150lbs: 12oz

150-180lbs: 14oz

> 180lbs: 16oz

Sparring Glove Size Recommendation by Weight:

< 150lbs: 14oz

>= 150lbs: 16oz+

Nosebar Headgear Recommendation by Head Size in Inches(Approximate Weight):

S < 22.75 inches

M 22.75-23.75 (1.175lbs)

L 23.76-24.75 (1.3lbs)

XL > 24.75


*Sizing is relatively standard, stay true to size when ordering. 


Open Face Headgear Recommendation By Head Size In Inches

S < 22.75 inches

M 22.75-23.75 (0.67lbs)

L 23.76-24.75 

XL > 24.75 (0.71lbs)

*Size down if you're unsure, our recommendation is a tighter fitting headgear. Sizing is relatively standard; if your head size is below 71/4, use size S; if your hat size is above 8, use size XL.


Sizing Examples: 

Harrison has a head circumference of 23 3/8 inches and has a 1 3/4 inch gap in the rear for the laces. His perfect fit was a size M. 

Groin Guard Sizing Recommendation By Waist In Inches

S - 24-28

M -28-32

L- 32-36

XL - 36-40

XXL - 40-44

*Please note most boxers can fit 2 cups, use your best judgment, if you're on the cusp, go up (if you prefer loose fits) or down (if you prefer a snug fit) based on your liking.*

**Female boxers, we hear you, female cups are in development. 

Classic Bag Mitt Sizing Recommendation By Hand Length (Wrist to Middle Finger Tip)

> 7 inches: S

7-8.5 inches: M

>= 8.5 inches: L

*Size up or down depending on your natural thickness of fingers/knuckles, and or your intention to use with or without handwraps

2-3 Business Days. The MK1 fulfillment team picks, inspects, packs, and ships orders in the order they are placed. Add your cell number at checkout for text updates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Raul Y (San Diego, US)
Best air mitts !

Love my new air mitts I have previously only used the winning air mitts and these feel better and that says a lot . My hands are small so the micros are perfect fit. If you have bigger hands I’d suggest getting the regular size . Clients love them and my wrist hands elbows shoulders love them too . Very nice padding for the heavy weights and their thudding punches and light and fast for fast punching combos and great acoustics since they are made of leather . Very happy will be buying again

Patrick Oreilly (Mason, US)
Love these mitts!

Very comfortable to wear and my fighters say the response is great when they hit.

Crystal V (Miami, US)

These mitts were purchased as a gift. My coach says he loves them but I, as the “boxer”, love them even more. When landing punches now my own hands don’t take brunt of the blow. And as outstanding as these mitts are MK1 customer service teams has exceeded my expectations. I am officially a customer for life.

Anthony Martinez (Orange, US)
My aer experience

I definitely have to say these are the best air mitts I have ever used … after 8 years of coaching .. The sweet sound and soft comfy snug feel they designed puts these at a solid 10 for me . ENJOY ❗️

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