Buy Red Closed Face Headgear for Boxing - Best Headgear for Boxing
Select Closed Face Headgear - MK1
Buy Black Closed Face Headgear for Boxing - Best Headgear for Boxing
Select Closed Face Headgear - MK1
Buy Blue Closed Face Headgear for Boxing - Best Headgear for Boxing
Select Closed Face Headgear - MK1
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Select Closed Face Headgear - MK1

Select Closed Face Headgear

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The MK1 Select Closed Face (Nose Protection) Headgear is a classically designed boxing piece constructed of premium cowhide to enhance durability and functionality. A closed face with a bar across the nose allows for a highly protective piece of sparring equipment. It's adjustable from the top, back, and chin strap. It is carefully handcrafted for superior quality. The article is slightly heavier than the open variant, but what you give up in weight and vision, you'll gain in facial protection. The options are purely subjective; there's no better or worse, but it does take some getting used to; the bigger frame means a little less area for movement when on the inside and limited shoulder roll action, though it's not extreme.

 Key Features

  •     100% Genuine Leather Construction
  •     Protective Nose Bar to prevent direct shots
  •     Premium Leather Inside Liner - Smooth, Fresh, Sweat Resistant
  •     Durable Foam Padding - Medium Density, Medium Thickness
  •     Clip Closure
  •     Classic Monochrome Color Ways


Size chart

Fitment recommendations for optimal training conditions. (Unisex)

Boxing Training Glove Size Recommendation by Weight:

< 150lbs: 12oz

150-180lbs: 14oz

> 180lbs: 16oz

Sparring Glove Size Recommendation by Weight:

< 150lbs: 14oz

>= 150lbs: 16oz+

Nosebar Headgear Recommendation by Head Size in Inches(Approximate Weight):

S < 22.75 inches

M 22.75-23.75 (1.175lbs)

L 23.76-24.75 (1.3lbs)

XL > 24.75


*Sizing is relatively standard, stay true to size when ordering. 


Open Face Headgear Recommendation By Head Size In Inches

S < 22.75 inches

M 22.75-23.75 (0.67lbs)

L 23.76-24.75 

XL > 24.75 (0.71lbs)

*Size down if you're unsure, our recommendation is a tighter fitting headgear. Sizing is relatively standard; if your head size is below 71/4, use size S; if your hat size is above 8, use size XL.


Sizing Examples: 

Harrison has a head circumference of 23 3/8 inches and has a 1 3/4 inch gap in the rear for the laces. His perfect fit was a size M. 

Groin Guard Sizing Recommendation By Waist In Inches

S - 24-28

M -28-32

L- 32-36

XL - 36-40

XXL - 40-44

*Please note most boxers can fit 2 cups, use your best judgment, if you're on the cusp, go up (if you prefer loose fits) or down (if you prefer a snug fit) based on your liking.*

**Female boxers, we hear you, female cups are in development. 

Classic Bag Mitt Sizing Recommendation By Hand Length (Wrist to Middle Finger Tip)

> 7 inches: S

7-8.5 inches: M

>= 8.5 inches: L

*Size up or down depending on your natural thickness of fingers/knuckles, and or your intention to use with or without handwraps

2-3 Business Days. The MK1 fulfillment team picks, inspects, packs, and ships orders in the order they are placed. Add your cell number at checkout for text updates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
ivan pulido (Seattle, US)

The MK1 team demonstrated exceptional efficiency and professionalism in addressing all concerns. Their prompt resolution of issues and commitment to quality equipment left a positive impression. I anticipate placing future orders based on this satisfactory experience.

Alejandro Rodriguez (Bethesda, US)

Headgear is worth it! Amazing protection!


Got marks still somehow feels comfortable

Jinyoung Lee (West New York, US)

Select Closed Face Headgear


the best head gears I’ve ever owned. I work in an office so the face bar head gear is my preference when it comes to design. It’s sleek and compact but the protection and lockdown is great

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